Score Against The Oddsmaker

The general public's indifference to hockey serves bettors well as oddsmakers are less diligent when coming up with hockey wagers compared to football, basketball and baseball.



Here are a couple of useful and easy to follow hockey wagering tips that you should consider before placing a wager.

Focus on the Goalie

Though hockey is a team sport, the goalie is the single most important player on the rink - much like the quarterback in football or the pitcher in baseball. If a team can't stop the puck, no matter how good the offense is, chances are the team will lose. Furthermore, certain goalies play well against certain teams or vice versa, so be sure to check how a goalie's past performance.

Limit Wagering on Heavy Favorites

Heavy favorites, on face value, seem like a sure win. But on closer examination, there are no guarantees in hockey wagering. As physical a sport as hockey is, a lot of things can go wrong during a game that can help cellar-dweller teams beat the elite ones. Even a bad call by an official can turn the tide for the underdog. So avoid wagering on favorites of -200. This means you are risking 200 to win 100, requiring you to win 66% of your bets to just break even.

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Consider the Puck Line

Consider wagering on the puck line, if you can't help wagering on the heavy favorite, to reduce the risk. The puck line usually offers much lower odds by taking a team to win by two goals or more. For example, the Kings might be -200 on the moneyline, but they might be +150 on the -1.5 puck line. The puck line will require the Kings to win by two goals or more, but the risk is much less. And since they are heavy favorites, winning by more than two goals should be doable.

Check the Schedule

Just like in any professional team sport, the schedule will take its toll. A team may look tired or listless playing on consecutive nights. Likewise a team may play lackadaisical after taking a cross-country flight. So be sure to check your favorite team's schedule before placing a wager.

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