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The general public's indifference to hockey serves bettors well as oddsmakers are less diligent when coming up with hockey wagers compared to football, basketball and baseball.



Hockey wagers require at least 55 minutes of play to have 'action'. Overtime counts. Wagers on any hockey match that is postponed or cancelled before it is 'official' (55 mins) are considered 'no action', unless the outcome of the wager has already been decided at the time of cancellation - like a proposition wager on 'which team will score first' will have 'action' once there has been a score in the game.

In the US, hockey wagers resemble baseball wagers (baseball run lines are similar hockey puck lines). In Europe, hockey wagers resemble soccer wagers (you can bet on the "Draw").

Hockey may not be as popular as football, basketball or baseball. But hockey wagers may prove to be the most profitable wager among these popular sports.

There are thousands of hockey matches happening all over the world, even in some countries from South America, Africa and the Middle East. The International Ice Hockey Federation has about 74 members, to date.

Hockey is one of the main highlights of the Winter Olympics. Even players from various professional leagues (like the NHL, KHL and SHL) play for their respective national teams and participate in the winter Olympics.

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If you can't wait for the next Winter Olympics (which happens every four years), you can watch out for the annual World Championships where the top 16 national teams compete. Like the Winter Olympics, many star hockey players participate in the World Championships.

Of course there are the different professional leagues in different countries across the globe where hockey wagers are readily offered:

In the US, hockey wagers are also offered on college (NCAA) hockey games.

The general public's indifference to hockey serves bettors well as oddsmakers don't spend the same diligence in coming up with hockey wagering odds compared to football, basketball and baseball.

Betting limits on hockey wagers are also generally lower compared to those in football or basketball - a sign that sportsbooks are cautious in accepting hockey wagers.

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NHL Game Wagers

Date Team Puck Line Money Line
Jun. 21,
08:00pm EDT
Florida Panthers at (+1.5) -255+102
Edmonton Oilers (-1.5) +215-115
Jun. 21,
08:20pm EDT
Florida Panthers at (-1.5) 275
Edmonton Oilers (+1.5) -330
Jun. 21,
08:20pm EDT
Florida Panthers at (+2.5) -500
Edmonton Oilers (-2.5) +395


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